Marketing: Make Your Brand Talk

Cryer Malt Trade Hub

In a noisy market how do you get customers to listen? Luke Robertson (Ale of a Time) and a panel of industry guests discuss branding, media and using both to sell beer.

Steve Vallas (CHUNKY Media) - Not many people have the social media credentials and know-how that Steve does. He has a no nonsense attitude to social advice. Co-Founder of CHUNKY media, and Managing Director of Honey Bar, Steve was an early adopter of social channels as a relationship, brand and network building tool. He lives and breathes by the motto “online all of the time”.

Lawrence Dowd (Colonial Leisure Group) - After spending 11 years as Marketing Manager at Crown Hotels, Lawrence joined the world of craft beer after taking a job with Colonial Leisure Group. Now the National General Manager of Colonial, he's helped the brand grow into one of the largest craft brewing companies and hospitality groups in Australia.

Danielle Allen (Two Birds) - With a background developing grocery lines for Woolworths, Danielle went on to create Two Birds with Jayne Lewis. Together they have grown Two Birds from a contract brewery into a fully fledged taproom and production brewer. Their logo is increasingly recognisable as a national beer brand.

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Sessions & Tickets

Wed 17 May 5:30pm-6:30pm

Cryer Malt Trade Hub

Upstairs at Beer DeLuxe Corner Swanston Street & Flinders Street
phone 03 9810 0093

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