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Beer is a conversation and Australian Brews News is leading the discussion.

Join us for a series of thought-provoking discussion panels looking at the important issues in the beer world. These interactive discussions will tackle some of the big - but often unspoken - issues affecting the Australian beer industry.

These panels, featuring some of the biggest names in beer and brewing, will look three topics relating to the Sustainability of Craft Beer, including: The skills shortage and how we make sure that brewers have the skills they need to grow their businesses, Sustainability in brewing - Many craft breweries founded on the cause of good beer have grown their businesses infusing them with a wider set of values. This panel will look at what these breweries have done, but more importantly why and whether, as the beer market has evolved and become more crowded, having a cause other than good beer is important to the sustainability of small breweries. The future of craft: Australia has more breweries now than ever before with more coming every day. We will discuss whether there is a coming beerpocalypse or whether the industry will continue to grow and evolve,and if so, what needs to be done.

This panels will feature Ken Grossman. CEO Sierra Nevada, Peta Fielding Chair CBIA, Flyn Van Ewjik, Head of Environment at Qantas, Bill Savage, Lead Brewer, Barrel Aging Program, Goose Island and Rob Greenaway Secretary of the IBD Asia Pacific

Sessions & Tickets

Wed 17 May 11:00am-3:00pm

Cryer Malt Trade Hub

Upstairs at Beer DeLuxe Corner Swanston Street & Flinders Street
phone 03 9810 0093

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