Pint of Origin - Northwestern Europe

Belgian Beer Cafe Melbourne

This is what you always wished a Europass tour was all about: Great Beer!

We're delighted to be able to take you on a tour of glorious Northwest Europe with its fine brewing history and its great variety of styles and flavours. No visas will be required for visiting Scotland, England, France, Germany, Belgium and Holland. You'll be speaking in tongues by the end of this 'wet your whistle'-stop tour.

Stations on your itinerary may include, but not be limited to:

Aberdeen (Brewdog)

Huddersfield (Magic Rock)

Ypres (Grottenbeir)

Melle (Delirium)

Rebecq (Tilquin Gueuze)

Berkel-Enschot (La Trappe)

Munich (Weihenstephan)


Sessions & Tickets

Sat 13 May 11:00am-Late
Sun 14 May 11:00am-Late
Mon 15 May 11:00am-Late
Tue 16 May 11:00am-Late
Wed 17 May 11:00am-Late
Thu 18 May 11:00am-Late
Fri 19 May 11:00am-Late
Sat 20 May 11:00am-Late
Sun 21 May 11:00am-Late

Belgian Beer Cafe Melbourne

5 Riverside Quay
phone 03 9690 5777

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