Epic & Culley's Fiery Fest!

Little Hop

Love your hops? Reckon you can handle your chilli?

EPIC, HOP FEDERATION, LIBERTY, 8 WIRED & CULLEY'S Hot sauce (NZ) are teaming up for an evening of lupulin and scoville that will change your taste buds forever.

Chef and Chilli aficionado Blair "BLAZE" Williams has created a range of Chilli inspired tastes to stimulate and challenge your chilli eating prowess

From birds eyes to chipotle, Ghosts to Reapers, IPA's to Imperial Lagers expect all things "big & hoppy, spicy & chilli!!!"

Sessions & Tickets

Tue 16 May 7:00pm-Late

Little Hop

277 Brunswick St
phone 03 9417 2858


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