US Beer Cocktail Battle

Carwyn Cellars

Jacob Grier has made a name for himself in Portland as a beer cocktail expert - that's right, such people exist! He's even written a rad book called 'Cocktails on Tap'. To wind down GBW this year, we're hosting a no-holds-barred Beer Cocktail Battle between Jacob and 3 of our very own staff. Jacob will be presenting the audience with three of his favourite beer based recipes, and then after each cocktail, a Carwyn staff member will have the right of reply! The only rule is that the same beer must be used in opposing cocktails. Audience decides the winner and seats are strictly limited to 25. Food will also be served.

Sessions & Tickets

Sun 21 May 2:00pm-4:00pm

Carwyn Cellars

877 High Street
phone 03 9484 1820


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