Soko Dreams of Sushi Too

Soko Sushi

Many home trips to Japan got ourselves into some amazing high end Sushi-ya and definitely 5am sushi breakfast at the legendary Tsukiji Fish Market.

Recreating these events back in Melbourne is just what we always wanted to do, this time with beer of course.

Over the course of the night, you'll find some traditional and exotic seafood nigiri sushi, and a few of our very original and inventive sushi created at Soko Sushi.

Watch the chefs over the counter as they prepare an 11-course sushi degustation of individually kneaded nigiri sushi & sushi rolls showcasing local and imported freshest seafood produce matched with the amazing range of Coedo Beers.

Expect entrees, desserts and meet the brewers from Coedo too!

Sessions & Tickets

Fri 19 May 7:00pm-Late

Soko Sushi

311 Victoria St
phone 0385897668

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