The Official Good Beer Week Burger

505 Cellar

The official Good Beer Week Burger can be found at 505 Cellar in Toorak.

After weeks of voting, the burger and beer match from 505 Cellar came out victorious in the Gage Roads Brewing Co Good Beer Burger Challenge.

505 Cellar is serving up a double stacked burger paired with a Gage Roads Brewing Co. Single Fin Summer Ale for the Good Beer Burger Challenge.

They present...


Imagine this!

A burger on top of a burger, stuffed with melty cheese and bacon, topped with jalapenos, lettuce, and tomato relish.

Two angus beef patties melted together with gooey American Tasty cheese and bacon in the centre. Topped with crisp iceberg lettuce, tomato, mustard, house made tomato relish and spicy jalapenos. Between the hot melty cheese and the heat from the jalapenos, the burger is paired perfectly with the Summer Ale to cool down your pallet and refresh for your next bite.

Head chef Cyrille Diake came up with his take on the traditional American Jucy Lucy, which originated in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cyrille loves all things American as it’s bigger/badder/cheesier.

He added in the bacon in the melty middle to really push it over the edge and the jalapenos on top to create a perfect contrast to the Single Fin.


Gage Roads Brewing Co Single Fin Summer Ale

Wed - Sun: 12pm - 9.30pm

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505 Cellar

505 Malvern Road
Toorak VIC
phone 9810 0089

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