Cut, Contrast and Complement

Beer DeLuxe: The Festival Hub

Pilsners with spicy Thai food? An amber ale with pork? A stout with raspberry brownie?

When it comes to finding the perfect beer for a certain dish, it pays to remember the three C's: cut, contrast and complement.

Learn the art of food and beer matching for your venue with Boatrocker Brewing Co. founder Matthew Houghton and chef Rob Kabboord of Merricote, as they take you through how to pair up certain flavours and textures, or how to find suitable contrasts.

Once you've learnt the tricks, finding matches for your restaurant's key dishes will be as easy as pie (with a matching porter!)

Sessions & Tickets

Mon 15 May 4:00pm-5:30pm

Beer DeLuxe: The Festival Hub

Federation Square Cnr Swanston & Flinders Sts
phone 03 9663 0166


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