Buck's Boilermakers

Buck Mulligan's Whiskey Bar

“Boilermakers- Beer and Irish Whiskey Tasting With a long history of being enjoyed in Ireland and around the world the “Boilermaker” is simply a beer paired with a whiskey.

The Line up for this event will feature the following pairings.

A schooner of Brooklyn larger to quench the thirst on arrival.

Boilermaker 1

Brooklyn Local 1, Belgian inspired strong golden ale matched with Teeling single grain whiskey.

Boilermaker 2

Brooklyn Brown ale matched with Teeling small batch whiskey.

Boilermaker 3

Brooklyn Russian Imperial stout matched with Teeling single malt whiskey.

Boilermaker 4

To finish on something unique

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace Saison matched with Teeling Poitin, the original spirit of Dublin.

Miro promises to have a few surprises on the night as well as bringing along Miss Gabe Barry all the way from the Brooklyn Brewery.

Miss Gabe Barry has worked in the beer industry for almost ten years in the state of New York. She was first intrigued by the art of beer upon returning to her hometown of Syracuse, NY after spending 2 years volunteering in post-Katrina New Orleans. The desire to make change which drew her to social justice work was the same thing that intrigued her about jumping into a job with a small brewery in 2008, during which she wore many hats including managing the farm to table restaurant of their 7BL brewpub, representing the NYS Brewers Association at national beer festivals such as GABF, and eventually relocating to Brooklyn to act as Brand Manager for the brewery for the NYC area.

Miss Gabe Barry joined the Brooklyn Brewery team as a tasting room manager in 2013 and was tasked with maintenance & quality control of their tap room draft system, on-going education for a team of incredible tour guides & enhancing the customer experience of 4000+ tourists a week. She quickly dreamed up a position that would further the need for beer education in the industry worldwide and support a rapidly growing international brand such as Brooklyn Brewery. As Beer Education & Community Ambassador (BECA), she develops education for internal and external use around flavor & styles, process & technique, and the cultural place of beer at the table. She has the pleasure of working with industry legend Garrett Oliver who continues to fuel her educational efforts with his wealth of historical, technical and linguistic contributions to the industry. In 2016 as a part of Brooklyn Brewery’s Mash Tour she developed a sensory art installation inspired by the art and process of barrel aging which she installed and presented in 9 different cities around the world. She hopes to continue weaving the fibers of art, science and community together through education, celebration and the oldest beverage known to humankind….BEER.

Hope to see you there.

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Sessions & Tickets

Wed 17 May 7:00pm-Late

Buck Mulligan's Whiskey Bar

217 High St
phone 03 9077 7915


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