Brewed, Distilled and Poured: An Epic Matching of Australian Beer, Whisky and Bespoke Canapés

The Kilburn

We intend on running beer and whisky matching masterclasses, promoting the drinking style of the modern boilermaker! Sessions will be hosted by experts in the industry and give customers the confidence to go out and explore different styles of both beer and whisky. We will also run boilermaker specials on for the duration of good beer week. The Kilburn - being a destination whisky venue will be partnering with a local brewery with a number of beers in their portfolio, we will then collaborate and determine interesting and conversation-provoking matches (possible inclusion of canapés). At this stage there will be one session but we're considering the option of adding more.

The Kilburn is committed to serving quality drinks and experiences for every guest and we are no stranger to complimenting great craft beers with great spirits.

It also gives patrons another destination to seek out rather than the CBD and other hotspots.

Sessions & Tickets

Sat 20 May 6:30pm-8:30pm

The Kilburn

348 Burwood Rd
phone 03 8528 6831


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